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Felony DWI – What is it?

Unlike the regular misdemeanor DWI’s (driving while intoxicated), certain DWI’s could trigger the special filing of a felony driving while intoxicated (a criminal offense that we handle at Feldman Criminal Defense). This offense comes with serious penalties when compared to your regular DWI’s.

Don’t be fooled, these are two distinct criminal matters that require speedy, experienced rendering.  For this reason it will be critically important to have a legal team with all the resources, experience and level of skill needed to represent your best interests. Not doing so could potentially jeopardize your life and reputation.

DWIs are usually politically efficient. Quite a few advocacy groupings actively lobby nys legislature to generate the rules much more stringent as compared to they are already. You will need to educate yourself concerning those rules and your rights. Key for your defense is to be able to intelligently communicate the methodology employed by the arresting police officer and argue any errorors to your jury as well as the court.  That alone is why having the best representation will be paramount to your success and freedom.

If you want successful rendering  for the felony DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED, the attorney you decide on must be one which is familiar and practices in this area regularly. For more information, contact us today!