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Why Price Should Be The Last Factor When Choosing a Criminal Lawyer

Choosing a criminal lawyer to defend you can be tough. It involves a lot of thought and trust – this person will be defending, in many cases, you from seeing jail. Since criminal cases usually have the worst punishments, it is imperative to choose a criminal lawyer that knows what they are doing.

Choosing an attorney that has criminal experience is not enough, though. To make sure that you have the best chances in court, you should retain a lawyer that has experience winning cases in your specific criminal area. That means if you are going to court to defend a DUI charge, you want to make sure that the lawyer you hire has experience winning DUI/DWI cases.

Also, since lawyers with better reputations usually charge the most, you may not want to “bargain shop”. Whatever the court decides could affect your life forever – both positive or negative. Choosing a high-end lawyer to defend you might cost more but it will pay off if you do not have to see any jail time.

At my practice, when individuals in Chicago inquire about my criminal law expertise, I always take into consideration their case and financial environment before giving them a price.